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Welcome to Vidya Pratishthan’s Nanded City Public School We are excited and proud to share many wonderful things about the school, and we hope that you will feel welcome to visit us at the school to support your child’s education.

Principle Desk

At Nanded City Public School, each child is a valued and unique individual. We respect the individuality of each child and fully welcome the special talents of every student. Our students are encouraged to value and respect themselves, while learning to understand, appreciate and accept the differences in others. We believe that education should be student centered and that students must be taught “how to think and not what to think”. Each child will be able to maximize his/her potential from a quality curriculum, enjoyable extra-curricular activities and awesome teaching and learning. They will have opportunities to learn, explore, and participate in numerous activities. It is important that the students seize these opportunities to explore, learn and challenge themselves as much as they can. Hence we have provided state of the art facilities, modern teaching aids, smart classes, well stocked library and well trained and experienced teaching staff. We want each child to embrace the love, joy and value of education. We believe that each child can develop the confidence and skills and interests to become a responsible lifelong learner.

Mrs. N.S. Kharosekar,

M.Sc. B.Ed., Diploma in counseling, administration and IT

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