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1.Safety & Security committee
1 Mr.Sachin Parte 2 Mr.Yashwnt Chavan 3 Mr.Ritesh Jadhav 4 Mrs.Archana Nargund 5 Mrs.Priti Dabde 6 Mrs.Rupali Kamble 7 Mrs.Sonia Kale 8 Mrs.Vidya Pandhare 9 Mrs.Anjali Borkar 10 Mrs.Shilpa Jadhav 11 Mrs.Sharayu Naik 12 Mrs.Padma Zunjurne
posted on 10/13/2017 9:05:59 AM

2.Safety Measures taken in the School
School is the second home of a child. School must be the place where students feel safe, supported and respected. Below are the prevention, intervention & educational strategies in order to promote inclusive school environment where young people can learn, thrive & become their best selves. 1. CCTV cameras are installed in the school and those are monitored regularly by the Principal and office. Five more will be installed very soon. 2. Class teachers stand at the gates and handover the children to the parents personally. 3. We have security committee and safety committee. Committee meetings are regularly conducted to monitor the implementation of safety measures. Safety measures are revised as needed. 4. The School has the detailed information of security guards, teaching & non-teaching staff, van/bus drivers and lady attendants. 5. Audit is done by Nanded City PMS officials for safety & security in the school. 6. Demo for Fire detection panel was done for all staff members by PMS officials of security committee. 7. Gate pass is made compulsory for all parents. Drop & pick up the child in time. 8. All the gates are locked during the school hours, except gate no. 1.Entry to visitors is given only after entry is done in the register by security. 9. At the second gate one more security is on duty & school is planning to hire a lady security. 10.Vigilance monitor will be appointed from PTA who can give surprise visit & check about the safety. This duty can be on rotation. 11.Police verification for all staff will be done very soon. 12.All the classrooms, canteen, laboratory, playground are regularly monitored by the members of safety & security committee & maid stands in front of girls wash room during breaks. 13.School is tobacco free zone, parents to see that no one smokes or eats tobacco in the school premises.
posted on 10/13/2017 9:20:33 AM

3.Measures taken for Safety & Security in the School
Do’s For Parents 1. Handover the child to van driver in your presence. 2. Check lady attendant’s presence in the van. 3. Police verification of van drivers, lady attendant to be checked. 4. Address, contact number, van number such details should be maintained by parents. 5. Frequent checkup of the schoolbag to be done by parents. 6. See that child learns the residential address and contact number of parents. 7. Authorization of the guardian should be informed to the school authorities. 8. Any unusual behavior of the child noticed by parents should be informed to the school authorities. 9. School counselor should be contacted, if needed. 10. Parents should check the friend circle of the child and have contact numbers of the child’s friends. 11. Child should be handed over personally to the responsible person in the school bt the parent or authorized guardian. 12. Inform about the medication given to the child .Train the child also for the same. 13. If the return/dispersal of the child from school is delayed contact the van driver or school authorities. 14. See that as per the time table books/note books are given in the bag. 15. Talk with the children about the school & his/her friends. Don’ts 1. Do not leave child in elevators, waiting for van/bus etc. alone. . 2. Do not give excess money to the children. 3. Students should not carry Gold, Silver or any precious jewellery, sharp objects & electrical gadgets like mobile, iPods etc. 4. Do not hide the illness and allergies of the child
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